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ALL OF OUR SITES ARE UPDATED WEEKLY..  Many are rare items you will not see anywhere else. We have been shooting our own high quality still photos along with video clips which you can view on the sites as well. They will show me and other spankable young ladies getting what they need so badly.

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Want to see More of Tiffany, KatieMarie and  Sassy Jane?  We are updating weekly at the Spanking Digest. Your cost is as low as $9.95 per month. We work Very Diligently to get you Exactly what you want!   

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Sassy Jane is a real live girl and has been known to go over a knee or two at times herself. (see above)   We have a full time staff of five to see that you are well taken care of.  If you write us our hard working customer service "girl" will get back to you right away, or we will see that she is working standing up!

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Have a look around and enjoy yourself!  

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The Spanking Digest family is made up of a group of thirteen (13)  spanking sites.

You can join any one of them or sets of them.   

We have two groups (sets) that you can join. Our Gold membership gives you the first nine (9) sites listed above.
You will receive passwords for ALL 9 sites for $24.95 per month.   
Our Platinum membership includes ALL 13 sites for $29.95 per month and 4 monthly rotated videos!!
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