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Hello my spanking friends,  "no worries here."  We have been in business for over 6 years.  We have a Full Time Customer Service Person to help you anytime to you need it.  We have Live On-line Help for you. We have a Toll Free Number  (714-998-7958)  for you to call when you have a question or need help. With 1,000,000 NEW people visiting our site every year, we have over 2000 paying members.   We offer you the best deal for Spanking content in the world. We put over 1000 new Spanking items on our sites every month.   We have over 20,000 items on the sites now.

We will always try to do our best to treat you right!

You may pay your dues in a number of ways: 

Credit Card, Auto Check, Mail Cash, Mail a Check, or Mail a Money Order.

The Platinum Plan now includes 4 monthly rotated videos! Click here to sign-up

"You Pick 'Em"

For the Pick 2 plan you will get three sites for $14.95 (credit card), the sites will include automatically and you will then get to 
choose 2 other sites from our list of 14 sites!  That’s right….  Any combination of sites you want! 
 For the Pick 4 plan, you will get and 4 other sites of your choice for $19.95.  
And for the Pick 6 plan, you get SIX sites plus the Spanking Digest for a total of 7 sites!  
Now you have a choice of the sites you want and the amount you want to pay.  You can just go for the sites that most interest and excite you.  


Pick 2 HERE  (YOU choose 2 more sites and get Spanking Digest for $14.95 per month)
Pick 4 HERE  (YOU choose 4 more sites and get Spanking Digest for $19.95 per month)
Pick 6 HERE  (YOU choose 6 more sites and get Spanking Digest for $24.95 per month)


Gold Three Day $4.95 Trial Plan by Credit Card   9 sites

Gold Three Day $5.95 Trial Plan by Auto Check  9 sites

This is the best spanking content deal on the planet.  Our top 9 sites for three full days for only $1.65 per day.  Over 15,000 spanking items are included in this "teaser" membership.  After you see what we have to offer we are sure you will want to stay with us. Click here to see a list of sites.

Spanking Digest Only memberships


Spanking Digest Only $9.95 - 30 Day Membership by Credit Card

Spanking Digest Only  $10.95 - 30 Day Membership by Online Check

Spanking Digest Only $9.95 - 30 Day Membership by Mailing a Check, Cash, or Money Order.


Spanking Digest and Sister Sites memberships


One Month Gold Plan 24.95 for 9 sites - Pay by Credit Card  (Sites listed below)

One Month Gold Plan 25.95 for 9 sites - Pay with your Checking account  (Sites listed below)

One Month Platinum Plan  $29.95  for 12 sites and 4 videos - Pay by Credit Card  (Sites listed below)

One Month Platinum Plan $30.95 for 12 sites and 4 videos - Pay by Checking Account  (Sites listed below)



One Year Gold Plan Membership includes 13 sites when purchased for one year.   Platinum Plan, includes 17 sites and 4 different monthly videos when purchased for one year.

 Below you will find a list of the sites included.

         $99.95 One Full Year -  Gold Plan   (11 sites one full year)   

     The $149.95 One Year - Platinum Plan   (15 sites one full year)

Standard GOLD membership includes:
1. Spanking Digest   Photos & much more
2. Spanking Toons  Cartoons and comics  
3. Spanking Lit   Spanking in the written word and stories 
4. Spanking Friends   Personals
5. Spank Movies   Spanking in the movies  
6. Bottoms Galore   Spankable bottoms
7 Spank Memories   When you were young and naughty 
8 SpankingArt  Spanking in drawings and art. 
9. Spanking Stuff  Members get a special discount

Standard PLATINUM membership includes these ADDITIONAL sites:

10. Men Spanked   You're gonna get it, you naughty boy
11. Spanking Clips  Clips from main stream & spanking videos
12. VintageSpanking4U  All the great old spanking material before 1970 
13. 4 monthly rotated videos for FREE!

    The $99.95 One Year Gold Plan - by Credit Card or Online Check

(11 sites for one full year)  

The $149.95 One Year Platinum Plan-by Credit Card or Online Check

Our best deal.  All 15 sites for one year and much more!



While e-mail is still the quickest and best way to receive answers to your questions, we know that some times you just need to talk to a "real person."  Unfortunately, we can no longer take payment over the telephone.  Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding your membership or any of our sites.    Our phone number is:

714 998-7958

Please try to call during business hours if possible (8am - 5pm PST). If we don't answer please leave a number and a time that we can call you back.  If you just want to let us know we are doing a good job, or if you want to let us know what you want to see more of or how we can improve the sites leave that message too! 
Updating all the sites with over 1000 new items a month takes a lot of time so we don't have time to just chat. Thank you for your understanding. 

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